VILS is a thought leader in Cell and Gene Therayy (CGT) and Cellular Agriculture, providing high efficiency and accelerated solutions for the biotech and associated industries.


Process-driven, not facility-driven You are pioneers trying to do things that have never been done before. You need a new facility to host those great innovations. The process is at the heart of your daily life, so a facility-driven approach misses the point of capturing your discoveries.


We pioneer in Process-Driven design of development and production facilities targeted to cell and gene therapies and cellular agriculture. It allows you to bring ideas out of the lab into people’s lives. Fast.


Business-driven not engineering driven. Starting from your ideas, through the business case to a fully operational facility. We offer help with the business plan, assistance in meetings with investors and create the full-scope design. That’s it. Tailored to your decision process, what you need, when you need it.


Building on solid organisational experience and technical expertise. The building is the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. Yet, it requires attention too. We are a full-scope engineering office as well.


Next to in-house Project Management, Process Architecture and Clean Utilities, we rely on our solid teams for Civil, Structural, Architectural, HVAC, and Electrical engineering to shape the final solution around your process.




  • Pioneers in CGT with the first EU based cGMP mRNA facility First off – business partner for new technologies and modalities.
  • Experienced in high-speed, value for money and agile project delivery.
  • Expertise in CGT, cGMP, Process and Automation.
  • Track record of innovative product support.
  • Turnkey delivery possibility through BILS.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, collaborative mindset and teamwork culture.
  • Integrated with other Masco Group competences globally.


Our Expertise:


  • Process architecture
  • Process engineering
  • Process equipment
  • Expert Manufacturing