Process Engineering Solutions

Strategic partner for advanced process engineering solutions in pharma and biotech manufacturing


BCD is a leading process engineering solutions company and has been delivering high-purity process solutions to pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage, and chemical customers all over the world, since 1983. 


With specific expertise in Product Formulation, Clean in Place, Clean Utilities and Thermal Treatment, BCD engineers are at the forefront in the development of innovative process, mechanical and automation solutions. 


These solutions can be constructed as Modular Skids in BCD’s skid workshop, which provides 4000 square meters of assembly space, with dedicated utilities and facilities for testing. Or they can be part assembled, piped, and wired on site by a BCD field installation team. 


BCD also provide a range of tanks, vessels, and silos, either as standalone units or as parts of a complete process solution. BCD’s 5000 square meter vessel workshop is second to none in this field. Specifically designed for stainless steel and high alloy materials, it can accommodate anything from the smallest pilot scale process vessels to the largest shop-built brewing fermentors. 


Once the systems are fully assembled on site, dedicated teams of engineers, experienced in automation integration, commissioning and testing, take the systems through IQ, OQ and PQ, as required. This allows a smooth handover to the customer at the end of the project that includes training.



  • History of more than 40 years.
  • Deep project management expertise.

  • Expansive history of applications based on industry knowledge.

  • Track record on custom project executions.

  • Strong project management capability and aftersales support.

  • Reputation as a trusted, strategic partner for clients.

  • Technical and innovative capacity to generate enduring solutions.

  • Integrated with other Masco Group competences globally.


Our Expertise:
Superskid Systems

  • Product Formulation & Compounding Skids

  • Bioprocess Modules

  • Media / Buffer Prep, Buffer Hold

  • Sterile Filtration Skids (UF, Nano, Viral)


Harvest Skids

  • Effluent and Bio-Effluent Treatment Systems

  • High Temp Short Time (HTST Skids)


Utility Skids

  • Heating & Cooling, Dosing etc.

  • CIP, SIP Skids

  • Utility Panels and Transfer Plates



  • BoD to detailed Process & Mechanical Design

  • Constructability / Project execution plans

  • Budget and detailed cost estimates


Vessel / Skid Fabrication

  • Large Fabrication Facility

  • Dedicated to SS and High Alloys

  • 21m high bay, up to 6m diameter vessels

  • Overhead Cranes

  • Automatic Polishing


Factory Acceptance Test

  • Protocol Development

  • Mechanical & Electrical verification

  • Hardware & Software Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

  • System FAT