Engineering and Turnkey Modular Solutions

Forerunner in off-site fabnrication of modular facilities, deploying agile, high-quality design and capital projects for the life sciences industry. 


KeyPlants stand at the forefront of modular off-site fabrication, catering to the life science sector and associated clean build industries. We specialise in providing comprehensive facility solutions, from individual interior modules to entire buildings, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.


With a rich history spanning over 25 years, our team of seasoned experts excels in project engineering, modular design and fabrication, process engineering, and automation. Our global footprint is evident in the delivery of over 3500 modules to more than 30 countries, demonstrating our capacity to handle diverse and complex projects.


Our services extend beyond construction; we offer end-to-end, fast-track solutions that encompass GMP/GLP operations, PODs, digital technology integration, and facility interior upgrades and expansions. Our approach is characterised by a commitment to quality, speed, and innovation, ensuring that our clients receive efficient, state-of-the-art facilities designed for future scalability and flexibility.


At KeyPlants, we understand the dynamic nature of the life sciences industry and the critical importance of time-to-market. Our off-site fabrication methods not only reduce construction timelines but also minimise on-site disruptions, allowing for quicker operational readiness. Partner with KeyPlants to experience a seamless journey from concept to completion, with solutions that are as reliable as they are revolutionary.



  • Delivered more off-site manufactured life science facilities internationally than anyone else in the last 25 years.

  • Experienced in providing cost-efficient solutions through standardization and shortened lead times.

  • Expertise in GMP, Process, and Automation.

  • Track record of repeat clients.

  • Expert network of vendors and long-term partners.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit, collaborative mindset and teamwork culture.

  • Integrated with other Masco Group competences globally.


Our Expertise

  • Project definition, front-end studies.

  • Design and engineering.

  • Procurement and manufacturing.

  • Assembly, commissioning and qualification at customer’s site.