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We help life science companies master the manufacturing process and stay ahead of industry challenges.

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Why Masco Group?

At Masco Group, we drive our clients' 360-degree progress through a dynamic combination of engineering, design, consulting, manufacturing and servicing. 


We enable growth by mastering the whole manufacturing lifecycle, joining forces to simplify processes and provide smart integrated solutions, based on our foresight and innovative capabilities.

Anticipating trends

Through insight and foresight.

Integrating expertise

Thanks to our multicompetent team of specialist companies.

Reducing complexity

Through a flexible attitude and extensive knowledge of industry regulations.

Increasing efficiency

To enable our clients to overcome industry challenges.

All the reasons to choose us

Masco Group

At Masco Group, we help life science companies improve their manufacturing processes and overcome industry challenges. We are an international team of specialised companies, and over the last fifty years, we’ve grown, tested, and proven our design-build-install-service capabilities. Today, our expert teams continue to push for progress, with customised and integrated project delivery.

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