15 April 2024

State-of-the-art office space for Masco Group Automatio

State-of-the-art office space for Masco Group Automation

At Masco Group, we believe that the environment in which we work plays a crucial role in nurturing innovation, fostering creativity, and strengthening team dynamics. 

Our recent initiative, transforming an old farmhouse into a state-of-the-art office space for Masco Group Automation, embodies this belief and marks a significant milestone in our journey. 

This creative office is designed to inspire our MGA team, fostering a blend of productivity and well-being. Here, amidst nature, our MGA team will brainstorm, collaborate, and innovate, driving forward with fresh ideas and solutions. It's more than an office—it's a commitment to a balanced, inspiring work environment where our team can excel and shape a brighter future. 

Join us in celebrating this new chapter for MGA at Masco Group. 

It's inspiring to work in such a nice and warm office. Now we have to deserve it... 

MGA - Masco Group Automation - full thrust ahead!

Saverio Mottana, Managing Director, MGA - Masco Group Automation